Global Radiance Ship Management is well poised to provide personalized and effective ship management services in the industry, with excellence in knowledge and experience from dedicated and trained staff who command vast expertise, Global Radiance is highly capable in managing various form of vessels such as Livestock Carriers, Chemical Tankers, Oil Tankers, Bulk Carriers, Containers, Ro-Ro, and General Cargo ships.

Our strengths

The broad experience and unwavering dedication of our staff, combined with the utilization of the latest technological innovations, are the key contributors to our cost-effective and sound management strategy. Our effective technical management ensures that vessels attain maximum performance and minimal off-hire - highlighted by our excellent track record.

We further optimize efficiency by using appropriate and reliable IT systems such as the Danaos software - a one stop solution for procurement, accounting, preventive maintenance, crewing, ship inspection and vessel performance monitoring. Vessel maintenance and repairs are performed proactively, based on recommendations from engine manufacturers and class requirements; whilst also tapping on our extensive experience regarding vessel conditions - confirmed & boosted by our ‘Danaos’ software.

Our ship management system, including document archival, is fully electronic, thus ensuring quick and efficient retrieval and remote access.Global Radiance possesses a Document of Compliance (DOC) and a very capable team to manage all kinds of vessels including Oil Tankers, Chemical Tankers, Gas carriers, FSU, FSO, Livestock Carriers, Containers, Bulk Carriers, Ro-Ro, and General Cargo vessels.


Our sound management strategy is further supported by an efficient procurement process. We provide customized procurement services, controlling operational costs through economies of scale derived from planned project purchasing, whilst allowing ship owners to remain in control of all decision-making processes. Procurement services include:
  • Provision of marine spares, lubricants, paints, equipment, machinery and consumables
  • Onboard requisitioning system
  • Customized approval procedures, supplier selection and financial reporting based on a ship owner’s requirement