Global Radiance Project Management aims to make your project a success through careful selection of efficient processes by an experienced and skilled team. We deliver projects on time, within budget and hold them to highest standard of excellence. We provide a range of quality assured services:

  • Pre-purchase inspections and SNP
  • New Building, Conversions, and Refurbishments
  • Inspections, Surveying and technical/ HSEQ consultancy
  • Accommodation – Barge & Livestock
  • Lay up Preservation & other Supervision Services


This service covers ship inspection, valuation, sale and purchase. We carry out our ship sale and purchase processes strictly in accordance with standard procedures and good marine practices. Our certified and experienced brokers are renowned and eminently qualified.

We constantly monitor ship sales and purchases and other related markets using various programs and have our personalised database of Owners, Managers and potential Buyers interested in different ships & transactions accordingly.


Global Radiance Project Management provides a wide range of services at very competitive prices. From assigning an individual specialist, to developing and managing complex shipbuilding and conversion projects, the company offers a unique engineering and commercial package tailored to suit each individual project and customer.

Global Radiance Project Management team will ensure delivery of assets in a superior condition, allowing the vessels to operate effectively, efficiently and with minimal downtime. It is our policy to offer quality service to our clients and to achieve, through exacting management and professionalism, a strong relationship with the client through to the successful conclusion of the venture.


  • Feasibility study
  • Design development: – Conceptual ship design
    – Specification writing and review
  • Contractual:
    – Shipyard appraisal and selection
    – Technical negotiations
    – Contractual review
  • Design review:
    – Manufacturer selection
    – Plan approval
  • Building and delivery:
    – Shipbuilding supervision
    – Commissioning
    – Guarantee support
    – Owner representation

Depending on specific customer requirements, we can offer supervision teams comprised of international engineers, &/or a team of local engineers supplemented by international supervision and input.


The site team working methodology is based on refined procedures, developed through years of building and operational experience. Our methods are more stringent than the procedures usually implemented by shipyards and accepted by classification societies. These procedures allow us to achieve a higher standard of quality.

Our project manager will be responsible for overseeing the project’s development and progress, managing the supervision team and ensuring that progress is reported regularly to our offices and the client. The project manager will be stationed in the region for the duration of the contract, guaranteeing fast reaction time to any problem or challenges during the construction stage and supporting the site managers in the critical phases until the delivery of the vessel.

Upon delivery of the vessel, Global Radiance Ship Management can provide a comprehensive range of ship management services.


As new IMO regulations come into force, many new technologies are being developed and technically demanding upgrades are required for operating vessels. During this time, regardless of the operating area of your fleet, Global Radiance is committed to helping you to focus on your own core business with peace of mind.

With the help of our in-house experts in every field of floating marine and offshore applications, we choose the right partners, the right technology and the most feasible project execution strategy for your project.

Our business model is flexible and ranges from small advisory tasks to the full-scale EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction Management) scope of major conversions. It also allows for high local content in the destination country or flexibility for clients to choose their preferred vendors and construction yards.


Lay-up is a proven cost saving alternative in situations where charter rates are below the vessel’s operating cost. Owners can seek short or long-term refuge by laying up their idling vessels. Owners may also choose to lay-up while waiting for the right timing to convert, recycle or sell their assets.

Global Radiance Project Management helps owners to lay-up the vessel at their preferred locations in a cost-effective manner. We have extensive experience with lay-up projects and are able to customize options like warm, cold or combined lay-up strategies.

We utilize modern preservation methods by means of VCI, providing multiple advantages such as:

  • Ability to activate the vessel anytime, without the need to clean off preservation products
  • Customized solutions for various machinery and tanks
  • Approved by DNV and BV for preservation application
  • Competent personnel for application and monitoring
  • Condition survey every two weeks to guarantee a peace of mind
  • Dehumidification and RH monitoring