We believe that having the right staff onboard is one of the most important factors in ship management. A loyal, stable and skilled workforce contributes to cost effectiveness and operational efficiency holistically. We take pride in providing crew with a high retention rate - our highest priority. Our stringent selection and training processes ensure that we have access to an unceasing supply of knowledgeable and well-trained seafarers for deployment onboard self-managed and third party managed vessels. Currently, we have ready access to a pool of officers and crew of multiple nationalities including East European, Filipino, & South East Asian personnel for varied tasks that abound.

Through a fully computerized crew management operandi, we ensure that all vessels in the fleet have officers and crew with the required skills, training and certification for the specific vessel type. In addition to Computer Based Training available onboard our managed fleet, we have developed a series of training courses as part of our mandatory crew training programme. The company employs approximately 50 shore-based staff globally and more than 300 seagoing staff - the majority via business partners with whom the company has long-standing business ties & relations.