Global Radiance Group’s Corporate Social Responsibility is designed in form of expanding circles. At the core circle, GRG focuses on the well-being of its employees and seafarers as our first and foremost social responsibility. Expanding farther, being involved in business with critical environmental dimensions, we also keep environmental responsibility high in CSR. Finally, besides these two dimensions that serve as cross cutting themes in our work policies and ethics, GRG renders many positive contributions to the communities around our prime work locations in form of various philanthropic endeavors. Some highlights ensue.


For our employees, we ensure that:

  • They are provided safe, secure and decent working / living condition as per international standards.
  • They are employed on fair terms of employment including:
    • Zero tolerance on accepting any incentives for employment.
    • Absolute free of discrimination work environment.
    • Timely payments of salaries and other dues.
    • Best efforts to relieve seafarers at stipulated time.
    • Spontaneous follow up of complaints from seafarers.
  • Contribution in training and development for growth of a dependable pool of seafarers with due expertise.
  • Monetary support and encouragement in educational enhancement of GRG employees.
  • We are committed to objective of zero accidents in the workplace. We ensure it by complying with all relevant health and safety laws implementing strict own policies and processes which are audited on regular basis.


Environment Management is an integral part of our Quality Management System which complies with international conventions, protection laws, rules and regulations as established by flag states, port states, coastal state laws, best industry practices and other applicable requirements for prevention of pollution from ships. Besides, we maintain emergency procedures aimed at mitigating damage to the environmental and human impacts in potential emergency situations.

Global Radiance Group ensures all possible measures within our capability and resources to prevent pollution through safe operation of managed vessels and efficient operations in the office. The Company exercises a zero-tolerance approach to any non-compliance / violation of the Environment Management System.


Global Radiance Group aims at positive change in social scenario not only by creating opportunities through jobs and better work environment but also through continuous investment human resource development through educational support and other social well-being measures. Since inception GRG is committed to various humanitarian efforts and philanthropic initiatives including following:


  • Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand Dams Fund Donation
  • Pakistan is facing acute water shortage despite abundant natural water sources. Pakistan Government is inevitably resorting to construction of dams as the only viable solution. However, due to paucity of required capital, the Government had to appeal for public support. On 3rd April 2019 GRG Chairman Mr. Abdul Lateef Siddiqui donated S$ 100,000/- for the cause in a personal meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan

  • Namal Knowledge City.
  • The project aims at creating knowledge economy in the heart of Pakistan to rely on knowledge as the engine of growth – a vision launched by Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Imran Khan. Project budget estimates US$ 200 million constructing knowledge city on the concept of zero carbon footprint. Namal College, the first project by Namal Knowledge City started its operations in 2008. Agribusiness School is the second major project established in 2017. GRG supports Namal Knowledge City project in its fund raising through corporate donations and facilitation in overseas fund-raising campaigns.


  • Scholarships for Maritime Cadets.
  • GRG offers 100% scholarships for four cadets in every Training Program (2 Years) of Pakistan Marine Academy graduating Nautical Marine Officers and Engineers. The Scholarships are based purely on merit for candidates hailing from marginalized families. These potential mariners are also facilitated in employment on graduation on ships manned by Global Radiance Group.

  • Awards for Maritime Cadets.

    GRG bestows Best Cadet Shield and Runners Up Medal accompanied with cash prizes of PKR 100,000/- and PKR 50,000/- respectively. The awards aim at recognition of positive attitude and self-development of future marine officers.

  • Maritime Internship Opportunities.
  • Owing to absence of flagships and paucity of state-owned vessels, graduates of Pakistan Marine Academy face acute problem in starting their carrier despite being duly qualified and certified for the purpose. GRG extends a supporting hand providing internship opportunities to these fresh graduates. During internship thru initial ranks, GRG organizes special skill development trainings and initiatives to make these fresh intakes a quality human resource for maritime industry.


Besides above, Global Radiance Group remains continuously engaged in substantial philanthropic activities of humanitarian support to marginalized sections of developing societies. The activities include, but are not limited to;

  • Monthly monetary support for under resourced families for sustenance in developing societies.
  • Monetary support to poor families on their religious and cultural festivals in order to reduce their feeling of deprivation and bring smiles on their faces on these happy occasions.
  • With similar spirit, providing grocery and gift packages to marginalized families on their religious and cultural festivals.
  • Monetary support for educational enhancement as a humble contribution to improve educational landscape of the developing communities and societies.